Guinness World Records unveils New Tallest Man!

11:33 PM

The 2010 edition of the Guinness World Records book unveils a world exclusive in the shape of a new Worlds Tallest Man.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-chief, Craig Glenday, travelled to Turkey earlier this year to personally validate the claim of 27 year old Sultan Kosen who measures a staggering 8ft 1in (246.5cm). Sultan also has the worlds largest hands and largest feet measuring 27.5 cm and 36.5 cm respectively. He is the first person to officially measure over 8 ft in more than a decade and is a triple record holder. He stole the record from Bao Xishun (Mongolia), after Leonid Stadnyks (Ukraine) claim to the title was discredited when he refused to be independently measured.

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